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Welcome to the Export Institute

Export Institute in Kenya is a renowned organization that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services to support and promote exports in the country. With a wealth of expertise and a vast network of industry professionals, the Export Institute serves as a valuable resource for businesses looking to venture into international trade or expand their existing export operations.

A cornerstone of the services provided by the Export Institute is training. We hold a variety of workshops and training sessions aimed at giving people and companies the information and abilities required for successful exporting. These training sessions cover a wide range of subjects, such as export laws, market analysis, logistics administration, export financing, and global marketing techniques. Entrepreneurs and exporters can improve their grasp of the export process and gain useful insights into solving typical problems by taking part in these programs.


One of the cornerstones of the Export Institute's services is its robust training programs


Export Institute offers coaching and mentoring services which is crucial for export success.


Our consultancy services help you in navigating the complexities in export and enable decision making.

Trade Leads

We help in the creation of opportunity for Kenyan exporters to engage with international buyers.

Trade Information

The global marketplace is ever changing. We strive to enable access to accurate information on exports.


We are in the lead to empowering local businesses to take on the world-stage in exports.

The Export Institute also offers coaching and mentoring services to help exporters along the way in addition to training. Businesses can benefit from the individualized coaching and counsel provided by seasoned mentors who have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of international trade. With this one-on-one assistance, exporters are certain to get ideas and solutions that are focused on their particular requirements and goals.

The Export Institute additionally provides consultancy services to help companies create successful export strategy and streamline their export processes. In-depth market research, feasibility studies, and competitive analyses are carried out by their team of industry specialists in order to pinpoint profitable prospects and develop market entrance strategies. The Export Institute assists companies in overcoming trade obstacles, minimizing risks, and maximizing their export potential by utilizing their knowledge and experience.

Our Online Training Programs.

The online training courses offered by The Export Institute are a cutting-edge effort created to provide people and organizations with the expertise needed to succeed in the global marketplace. These programs provide users in Kenya and elsewhere a flexible and accessible learning experience by utilizing contemporary technology and a user-friendly interface.

Why Choose our online programs on export?

The Export Institute provides a series of thorough courses that cover every facet of exporting. These programs are designed to accommodate students with varied levels of expertise, from novice exporters just starting out to seasoned exporters looking to hone their abilities. The information is frequently updated to reflect the most recent trends, laws, and industry best practices.

Live webinars are presented by knowledgeable exporters and industry professionals through the Export Institute. These webinars look into particular international trade-related subjects, like tactics for breaking into new markets, funding for exports, ethical issues, and e-commerce for exporters. Participants can engage with the presenters, ask them questions, and learn from their real-world experiences.

The e-learning modules provided by The Export Institute allow for self-paced learning. These modules feature multimedia components like films, infographics, and quizzes to make them entertaining and interactive. Participants can access the material whenever it is convenient for them, which enables them to accommodate learning around their hectic schedules.

The Export Institute employs a novel strategy by setting up virtual trade missions that let members study other markets from the convenience of their offices or homes. Businesses can connect with foreign partners and look into partnership opportunities through virtual meetings.

Access to a multitude of export resources, including templates for export documentation, market research studies, and details on export laws for various nations, is provided by the online training classes. These tools simplify the export procedure and help participants perform their research with less time and effort.

Participants in the training programs have access to professional advice and criticism at any time. Trainers and mentors are on hand to respond to inquiries, offer advice, and offer tailored help, making sure that participants receive the support they need to accomplish their export goals.

The Export Institute makes sure that firms and individuals in Kenya can gain the knowledge and confidence they need to successfully compete in the international market by providing these online training programs. Participants are empowered by the flexibility of online learning, the abundance of materials, and the knowledgeable support to seize new possibilities and help the expansion of Kenya’s export industry.

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