About the Export Institute

The Export Institute is a leading organization dedicated to fostering and promoting international trade by providing a wide range of specialized services to exporters in the country. Founded with a vision to empower Kenyan businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in the global marketplace, the Export Institute offers comprehensive and tailored solutions in Training, Coaching/Mentoring, Consulting, Trade Leads Buy/Sell Meet, and Trade Information on exports.

Training programs:

Strong training programs are a pillar of the Export Institute’s services. The institution holds a variety of workshops, seminars, and training sessions with the goal of increasing local enterprises’ export capacities. These training classes go over important subjects like export laws, global marketing tactics, export financing, logistics, and paperwork. The Export Institute plays a major role in ensuring Kenyan businesses can compete successfully on the global stage by providing exporters with essential information and practical skills.


The Export Institute provides coaching and mentoring services to both beginning and seasoned exporters since it understands how important individualized instruction is for a company’s success. Our mentors are seasoned professionals with vast expertise in international commerce who offer insightful guidance, counsel tailored to the exporter’s industry, and a conducive environment for success. Exporters can discuss their particular difficulties, look at prospects for growth, and get specialized advice to improve their export endeavors through one-on-one meetings.

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Consultancy Services:

Exporting can be a complex endeavor, particularly for businesses new to the global market. The Export Institute’s consulting services are designed to assist companies in navigating these complexities and making informed decisions. Whether it’s market research, export planning, supply chain optimization, or regulatory compliance, the institute’s team of consultants works closely with clients to develop customized strategies that align with their specific export objectives. These consulting services streamline the export process, minimize risks, and maximize the potential for success.

Buy/Sell Meetups for Trade Leads:

A crucial component of the Export Institute’s goal is giving Kenyan exporters the chance to interact with foreign buyers and sellers. The institution conducts trade forums, business delegations, and matchmaking events through its Trade Leads Buy/Sell Meet services. These platforms give exporters the chance to present their goods and services to a worldwide clientele, look into potential joint ventures, and establish beneficial commercial ties. The Export Institute is essential in helping Kenyan exporters increase their market reach by creating meaningful relationships.

Trade Statistics and information for Exports:

For exporters to succeed in a constantly shifting global market, access to reliable and current trade information is essential. A dependable source of trade-related data, statistics, market trends, and regulatory updates is the Export Institute. The institute enables exporters to take educated decisions, adjust to market changes, and grab emerging opportunities by giving them thorough and timely information.

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